Restoring Wetlands into a Park and Outdoor Ecological Learning Lab

CIOR is also engaged in the restoration of a wetlands area behind the local school, P.S. 175, which is adjacent to one of the proposed deployment sites.

This marshland area, which belongs to the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, is currently inaccessible to the students and teachers at P.S. 175 and to the community at large. A plan has been developed for removing weeds and garbage, planting appropriate indigenous marshland species, and creating a science park and outdoor science learning lab with the working title City Island Marine Marshland Park.

The park will feature natural walkways planted with indigenous marshland vegetation across the grounds of the learning space. Visitors would have access to dry pathways, with benches and signage strategically placed on-site. A walkway supported by pilings to span the breakwater would enable safe access to the water, where oyster cage monitoring stations would be accessible for study and where oyster reefs could be created further out in the water.

The plan is to make the space accessible to the general public as well as to students and to provide a hands-on educational experience demonstrating the importance of coastal wetlands and marine ecology. The creation of a space for students and residents of New York City to learn about this important ecosystem is an important part of protecting and ensuring marine environments into the future.